Hi Everyone,

This is Kevin with Dakota Pharmacy and Dakota PrecisionRx Labs. On Monday June 8th we reopened the pharmacy's doors to the public. However, we are still encouraging the use of our drive-up window and curbside service when possible to aid in complying to occupancy guidelines. I realize that everybody is getting "signage fatigue" but we do ask that you pay attention to our signs and in particular maintain a safe distance as the signs on the floor point out. Another important change to be aware of is with the completion of Dakota PrecisionRx Compounding Labs, compounded prescription drop-off and pick-up have moved to the left as you enter the pharmacy to a window. The use of the drive-up window for compounds is still available with a few changes. See attached.

Thanks so much to everybody for your patience during this difficult time and your continued support. A special shout out to my staff that performed at an incredible level to try to provide the best pharmacy service we could. We are still here to help you STAY WELL!

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